As OCDSB students move on from secondary school, we recognize the importance of celebrating their achievements with their teachers, peers, families, and friends in attendance. Students have diverse educational journeys, and all students’ diverse experiences should have the opportunity to be celebrated, including those who have historically faced challenges within the education system, both in the past and in the present.

Proposed Changes

Under the proposed changes to Policy P.038.SCO Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies and Awards, secondary schools would shift away from graduation ceremonies to commencement ceremonies. This shift is not just a change in language. The main difference between a commencement ceremony and a graduation ceremony is that a commencement ceremony is more inclusive. This aligns with the Board's larger commitments to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Much like a traditional graduation ceremony, during a commencement ceremony, students will have the opportunity to join their peers, families, and supporters to commemorate receiving Ontario Secondary School Diplomas and celebrate other non-OSSD-related achievements.