At the OCDSB, secondary students can choose to participate in experiential learning opportunities. These learning experiences take place in the community and allow students to connect their learning with their career and life planning. Co-Operative Education (Co-Op) is an important part of experiential learning, offering students a chance to apply their skills and knowledge in the workplace while earning credit.

Revised Policy

The updated policy highlights the need for placements that are meaningful, relevant, and that support all students, including learners who have been historically underserved, in their authentic pathway choices. It also aligns with the requirements issued by the Ministry of Education in its 2018 Cooperative Education Ontario Curriculum document.

Staff presented Report No. 24-084 to the Ad Hoc Policy Committee on June 6th and to the Board of Trustees on June 24th, where they discussed the draft policy.

You can view the approved policy at the following link:

Consultation Results

We held an online consultation on Engage OCDSB from April 25th to May 10th, 2024 and invited families, students, staff, and community members to share their feedback. We received seven feedback submissions during the consultation process. We also gathered feedback from trustees and committee members during the meetings where the policies were discussed. This feedback helped to inform the revisions to the policy. We would like to thank all who participated in the consultation process.